Work At Home Vintage Experts

Insurance Remote Staffing Solution

WAHVE can help you with cost-effective, experienced insurance industry “pretirees” to meet your staffing needs when you can’t find the talent!

Work At Home Vintage Experts

Does this sound familiar?

“We can’t find qualified employees.”

“We hire people, train them, and then they leave.”

“We need people we don’t need to train because we don’t have the time.”

“We need some part-time staff but can’t find people who will work part-time.”

WAHVE has the Solution

WAHVE is an innovative contract staffing talent solution. WAHVE matches pretiring, experienced, trained and knowledgeable insurance professionals with retail agents, E&S wholesale broker and MGA clients based on specific job needs. WAHVE delivers “pretiring” talent to fill most any insurance position and at a cost-savings.

WAHVE has qualified thousands of insurance industry “pretirees” who are eager to extend their careers working from home. Wahves are there for you for the long-term and on a dedicated basis.

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The benefits

  • Fill a staffing need when you can’t find the talent, whether part-time or full-time

  • Save on hiring, training, managing, overhead and turnover costs

  • Free up highly-paid staff for more time with clients and prospects

  • Improve productivity and lower staff costs

WAHVE takes the stress out of finding talent because WAHVE does the work for you.

WAHVE offers a complete and effective solution to talent qualifying, matching, tech support, HR administration and management.

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Here’s what clients are saying

“I wanted you to know how amazing our wahve has been. Not only is she smart and quick as a whip, she is also very sweet and so wonderful to work with. She is detailed and thorough with her work. I am so very thankful for our wahve and all that she has done for our agency!”


“WAHVE is an efficient way to bring in experienced talent and hit the ground running. Plus we don’t need to be bothered by HR issues. WAHVE takes care of it all.”


For additional information, contact

Bill Hunt, President & CRO

(347) 292.3757

Innovative Hiring Strategies for a Hybrid Work Environment

Webinar Recording

Transitioning to a fully remote workforce was done by necessity, but as we return to work, organizations must adapt in areas far beyond simply where people work. Savvy agencies are re-emerging from Covid to plan and navigate what the future looks like in 2022 and beyond. One thing is certain: change is inevitable and being flexible will be key to a successful transition.

Rick Morgan of WAHVE covers best practices for successfully attracting, qualifying, hiring and onboarding new employees in a hybrid work environment.

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