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Errors & Omissions

Agents who focus on E&O loss prevention fortify their agency from potentially devastating claims while improving the customer experience.

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Errors and Omissions Risk Management

The direct premium savings from attending this seminar can be significant for policyholders. Additionally, the potential changes in agency operations examined during this course can have a game-changing effect on agency E&O exposure.

No matter the size, business mix, or geographic region, agencies attending E&O seminars have better claims experiences.

Topics include:

  • Agency/Carrier Relationships – Law of Agency

  • Understanding Agent Duties

  • An E&O Claim – 360 degree View

  • Agency Defenses – Documentation

  • E&O Considerations of Agency Operations

  • And Much More….

The benefits of sending agency staff to a seminar include:

  • Lowering your E&O premiums with a credit on your E&O policy;

  • Our courses satisfy the Illinois three (3) hour Ethics requirement (unique to Big I Illinois)

  • Increased awareness by agency staff of the importance of E&O risk management and accountability;

  • Improving overall agency operations while increasing revenue opportunities;

  • Reducing exposure to the cost and hassle of E&O claims;

  • Keeping your deductible dollars in your pocket; and

  • Earning continuing education credits, while accomplishing all of the above

E&O Premium Credit

ALL Seminars will qualify for E&O Premium Credit. Please review Attendee Requirements FIRST to make sure you have the correct number of people from your agency attend the seminar to qualify for the E&O credit. To view requirements and information on obtaining additional credits, choose the company your E&O is with:

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions America Insurance Corporations

A 10% credit on your Swiss Re E&O premium may be earned by attending a Swiss Re approved 3 hour risk management seminar prior to your policy anniversary (or within 30 days after your policy inception/renewal date).


Earn Up To 10% Off Your Agents' Errors and Omissions Premium!

Your premium should reflect the hard work you've done to prevent errors and omissions (E&O) incidents. All policies are eligible for our loss control credit that positively impacts your premium.