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The Education Symposium offers up to 12 hours of Illinois CE presented by topic experts! You can’t get that anywhere else!

Choose one day/two sessions or two days/four sessions (BEST VALUE).

This event covers a broad spectrum of hot topics. Each class instructor is extremely knowledgeable in their field (representatives from FEMA, Dept. of Natural Resources, 20+ year State Regulator, and more!)

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One Day/Two Sessions
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Speakers: Beth Ducker and Mike Tischler, HSB

Cyber Insurance - An overview of the coverage elements of Cyber Insurance and ways to reduce the risk of data breaches and computer system attacks.

Homeowners Cyber Insurance – Cyber threats are not just for commercial entities. Homeowners are the target of choice and need protection.

Identity Recovery Insurance – Identity theft continues to be a growing concern. How can your identity be stolen and what coverages are available to protect you.

Speakers: James G. Sink and Catrina Covina, FEMA; Erin Conley, IL Dept. of Natural Resources Office of Water Resources

This is a unique opportunity to hear from "those in the know" on flood. You'll hear information on a state level as well as federal. Plus, this counts towards your flood education.

This session satisfies the ethics requirement. Additional details coming soon.

Attendees will learn the history of D&O Liability Coverage, the different types of coverage, and common misconceptions and claim examples. During the EPLI portion of the session, the instructor will provide fun facts about coverage, why it's important to have it, and how underwriters assess EPL exposures.


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