Insight Magazine

Submission Guidelines and Tips

  • Target audience is independent agents, brokers and agency employees.

  • Writing style must be informative, not promotional, in nature. We do not publish pieces that promote a particular company, product or service. All articles must be vendor-neutral. The article should not contain advertorial content or third-party attributions.

  • Articles should provide appropriate context, definitions and other necessary information so that someone only generally familiar with the specific topic would be able to understand the article without trouble.

  • Style should be consistent with the Associated Press Stylebook.

  • Word Count:

    • Feature Articles: 1,500+ words

    • Sub-Topic Articles: 800 – 1,500 words

    • Side Bar to Feature Articles: 500 – 800 words

  • Insight magazine editor reserves the right to edit all submissions for style, grammar, length and clarity. Upon submission, all articles will enter the review process. If accepted, contributor will be notified of publication print date.

  • Avoid the use of footnotes and legal citations.

  • Contributors are welcome to provide any accompanying photos and artwork to complement the article. Accompanying charts, tables or graphs are encouraged and should be sent in Excel or high-resolution PDF formats. We prefer electronic images of 300 dpi, EPS or high-quality JPEG formats.

  • Contributors should include a short biography of the author, including name, title, position, office location, and contact information.

  • As a monthly publication, we work well in advance of any given publication date. The general rule of thumb is that you should contact us about a story idea three months prior to the month you wish to appear. Final article submissions are due the 15th of the month prior to publication.