The Best Travel Assistance Coverage for Mexico!

When you choose to purchase our optional MexVisit coverage in addition to the regular Tourist Auto policy, your coverage includes not only excellent coverage for your vehicle from Mexico's finest underwriters, but also the best travel assistance coverages available in the marketplace. This coverage is available as an option on daily, six month, and annual policies.

Our provider's contact center, with over 40 multilingual operators, medical staff and state-of-the-art hardware and software provides 24/7 case management with live monitoring and digital recording of all incoming and outgoing calls. The contact center has over 200 digital lines and manages over 50,000 phone calls per month!

Description of Benefits (in addition to the standard policy providing coverage for damage to your vehicle and liability to others)

  1. Medical referrals & coordination:
    Name and contact information of doctors, nurses and clinics. Around-the-clock medical monitoring.

  2. Medical Transfers (Land & Air Ambulance):
    Emergency transportation by land or air ambulance with professional staff and specialized equipment, to and from hospital or clinic qualified for treatment.

  3. Transportation and lodging expenses for a companion during hospitalization:

    When due to accident or sudden illness beneficiary is hospitalized for more than 5 days, round trip transportation and lodging expenses for one family member or friend to accompany him/her.

  4. Convalescence lodging expenses:
    Lodging expenses for beneficiary during period needed to recover after accident or illness.

  5. Return of travel companion(s) to place of residence:
    In the event of illness or injury of the beneficiary transportation of companion(s) to place of residence if original means of transportation can't be used OR rescheduling and fare change(s) fees.

    In the event of illness or injury of the beneficiary, driver for companion(s) to return to place of residence OR transportation of driver of choice.

  6. Medical Repatriation:

    In case of serious injury or illness of beneficiary, once stabilized medical repatriation with professional staff and specialized equipment.

  7. Repatriation of Remains:

    In the event of a fatal illness or injury, transportation of physical mortal remains to place of residence of beneficiary.

  8. Dental assistance:

    In case of dental infection, pain or trauma, emergency treatment will be coordinated with a qualified dentist.

  9. Glasses and contact lens replacement:

    In the event of accidental loss or damage, replacement of glasses and/or contact lenses will be coordinated.

  1. Tourist and travel information:

    Immigration & Visa information; weather forecast; exchange rates; epidemic (vaccine requirements) and sanitary information.

    Relevant travel immigration, customs information, weather and currency exchange information. Also provides warnings and updated epidemic information.

  2. US State Department travel advisory information:

    Information made available through the US government for US citizens and other residents important travel warnings, public announcements and consular information sheets via the Hotline for American Travelers.

  3. Communications with embassies and consulates:

    Three-way calling and messaging services to contact US, Canadian and other foreign embassies and consular offices in Mexico.

  4. Emergency contact/communication & messaging:

    Three-way calling and messaging services between beneficiary, its family and/or any other emergency contact in their place of residence.

  5. Assistance to file and recover lost travel documents:

    Assistance contacting authorities to file and report loss / theft. Assistance contacting issuing government or consular agency to request replacement. If provided, recovered or replaced, sending of documents to beneficiary (within Mexico).

  6. Emergency money transfers:

    Emergency funds (money) transfer to or from beneficiary.

  7. Emergency travel agency services:

    Reservations for transportation, lodging and or any other "standard" travel agent service.

  8. Translating services:

    Verbal and written translating services needed as a result of an emergency (accident, illness or similar) to communicate with authorities or medical providers.

  9. Lost or stolen credit cards & traveler checks assistance:

    Assistance contacting authorities to file and report loss / theft and assistance in contacting issuing institution to request cancellation and replacement of lost/stolen card(s) and traveler checks.

  1. Emergency delivery of fuel (x 3 events)

    Delivery of gasoline or diesel to the vehicle of beneficiary of it runs out of fuel. Fuel to the closest gas station should be "free". If additional fuel provided, the cost of such fuel should be covered by beneficiary. Up to 3 events with an annual certificate, 1 event with a short term certificate.

  2. Flat tire service (repairable tires) (x 3 events)

    Assistance changing and repairing (repairable) flat tires. If no spare tire available then taking the (repairable) flat tire to repair or (using the towing service) transportation of vehicle to closest tire shop. Up to 3 events with an annual certificate, 1 event with a short term certificate.

  3. Battery jumpstart (rechargeable battery) (x 3 events)

    Assistance providing cables and jumpstarting a "dead" battery, provided battery is in good, rechargeable condition. Up to 3 events with an annual certificate, 1 event with a short term certificate.

  4. Locksmith Services (Automobile lockout) (x 3 events):

    In the event that the vehicle's keys are left inside the vehicle or lost, a locksmith to open the vehicle. If keys are lost, replacement is not included. Up to 3 events with an annual certificate, 1 event with a short term certificate.

  5. Transportation of driver to return vehicle if trip is interrupted:

    In the event of accident, illness or injury for which beneficiary and/or family members may not continue their trip in the vehicle OR if beneficiary is evacuated and the vehicle must be left behind, transportation of a family member or authorized driver will be provided to the place where the vehicle was left behind to return it.

  6. Service and repair shops referrals:

    Information and referral to all automotive dealerships, stores and repair shops.

  7. Sending of spare parts to shop for repair:

    In the event of an accident or breakdown, for which necessary spare parts are not available locally, express sending of necessary spare parts from manufacturer or distributor to local shop or dealership.

  8. Towing (x 2 events $300 USD):

    For any reason the beneficiary's vehicle is rendered inoperable or needs to be towed, service will be provided up to 2 times with an annual certificate and once with a short term certificate. Limit of $300 USD applies.

  9. Interrupted trip continuation or return to place of residence:

    In the event of an accident or vehicle breakdown that renders the vehicle inoperable, transportation of beneficiary and travel companions (family and/or up to 4 travel companions) to destination or return to place of residence. ALSO if travel companions cannot or may not drive or continue trip if the beneficiary or main driver suffers an illness or (non automobile related) accident the beneficiary and travel companions may be transported to destination or returned to place of residence).

  10. Car rental (2 days) due to theft or breakdown of vehicle (max 2 events):

    In the event that the beneficiary's vehicle is stolen and the event has been reported to the authorities and insurance company (all documentation has been submitted), a vehicle, of similar characteristics than the one stolen will be provided for up to 48 hours. Insurance and taxes included.(The beneficiary must have a credit card to guarantee vehicle and vehicle must be picked up and dropped off at same location or expenses for drop off fees must be paid by beneficiary). 48 hr. waiting period applies.

  11. Lodging expenses due to theft or breakdown of vehicle (2 nights max $300 USD):

    In the event that the beneficiary's vehicle is stolen and the event has been reported to the authorities and insurance company (all documentation has been submitted), the company will pay up to 2 nights (with a maximum of $300 US expense) lodging expenses for beneficiary and family members.

  1. Insurance Adjuster dispatch and coordination:

    Through an agreement with insurer, we will provide ONE single 800 number to call for both insurance claims and emergency assistance request serviced by our Contact Center (24/7 multilingual center) to coordinate adjuster activity and services dispatch.

  2. 24/7 "live" Case monitoring via Contact Center:

    All claims and emergency assistance cases are monitored and updated in our Contact Center system. Our CC may be accessed by phone, e-mail and soon live on the WEB for consulting the status of any case.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Description of the benefits listed herein does not constitute the full legal description of benefits and exclusions as described in the terms and conditions of the contract. All benefits are provided only to the covered and or listed vehicle and/or beneficiary, only for events occurring while in Mexico and only for the duration specified in the policy and/or certificate where benefits are listed. Benefits will only be provided in Mexico and not the United States, Canada and/or any other country.