You told us harnessing tech in your agency isn't easy. We listened, and did something about it.

Introducing Catalyit: All the agency tech guidance you one place.

The number of ways independent insurance agencies can leverage tech to increase profit and serve customers is nearly unlimited. But time, know-how, and fear of risk are getting in the way. Catalyit solves it for you.

Big I Illinois has partnered with six other state associations and industry tech leader Steve Anderson to create Catalyit. What will you gain through Catalyit?

  • Tools: The Catalyit Success Journey, and our in-depth tech assessment, provide you with a custom roadmap for success.

  • Guides & Reviews: Our topic guides share insights, help you compare solutions in minutes, and include reviews.

  • Training: From live coaching and Q&A sessions to our on-demand video vault, you’ll be able to get the most out of your tools.

  • Community: Discuss trends, best practices, and challenges with peers, experts, and providers.

  • Consulting: Need custom, one-on-one support? Our team of experts can work directly with your agency.

  • So much more...

So, no matter where you are on the technology spectrum – from early adopter to experienced implementer – rest assured, with Catalyit, you’re in the right place.

Empower your agency with Catalyit today.

To super-serve subscribers, access to is limited to four enrollment windows a year. The next enrollment period opens February 1, 2024. Click the the link below and get ready to take advantage of the next sign up window!

Your Big I Illinois membership grants you free access to a Basic subscription.

Get a Full Access Pass (all tools, guides, and learning unlocked) for your entire agency with an exclusive IIA of IL discount.

Catalyit will save you time, money, hassle...and help you win.

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Find Out How Catalyit Can Help You

Small agencies are often lean on staff and budget. Prioritization needs to be spent on carrier appointments and client acquisition. We get it. At the same time, being a small agency doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on tools that can make you more successful and drive your profits.

Simply by getting a better understanding of what your unique needs are as a small agency, and learning where you are on your unique Roadmap to Success, Catalyit is able to offer you solutions to meet your budget and – most importantly – your goals.

You get workflow efficiencies, customer and prospect insights to increase staff performance, and more time to do what you do best – sell policies and run a successful agency. All that equals profit.

Then, when you’re ready, they're there to bridge you into the next best thing to keep you thriving. It’s the one subscription you’ll never regret having.

As a large agency, you likely have a dedicated IT team who manages your agency infrastructure. You have a sales team working the front end of agency recruitment and an account management or CSR team handling your renewals. You may also have a marketing department responsible for brand awareness and agency promotion and a HR team focused on employee recruitment and retention.

But who is monitoring new tech opportunities to make your agency more profitable, efficient, and marketable? Who is looking at systems that can automate basic tasks to improve workflow efficiencies to free up wasted time and focus on goal-oriented tasks? Who is conducting hours and hours of research to understand what tools can take your agency from a well-oiled machine to one that is best-in-class?


They do the legwork, research, and vendor aggregation. They assembled a team of insurance and technology experts to stay ahead of new advancements and developments that can help you push your agency to an entirely new level.

So when you’re ready to let your team focus on what they do best, hire Catalyit to help them do it even better. It’s the one subscription you won’t regret paying for.

Catalyit is Here

Providing agency technology guidance, Catalyit helps you stop making costly mistakes. Purchase technology confidently, knowing it's the right solution for your agency.

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Catalyit Success Journey - Steve Anderson

In this video, Steve Anderson explains how the right tech with the right guidance can set you on the path to success.

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