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You told us harnessing tech in your agency isn't easy. We listened, and did something about it. The solution is here today!

Introducing Catalyit: All the agency tech guidance you one place.

The number of ways independent insurance agencies can leverage tech to increase profit and serve customers is nearly unlimited. But time, know-how, and fear of risk are getting in the way. Catalyit solves it for you.

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One of the biggest challenges agencies face is technology in the office:

It’s an ongoing challenge. In most cases, there is no right or wrong answer, but the need to do something, do better. The Big I Illinois Technology Committee is helping by creating a baseline of products used by members. Together we can help each other grow.

Please complete a short survey regarding technology in your agency. Your survey responses will keep us on top of where our members are on technology.

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Your Business Has a Tech Stack

Does it currently include the right solutions for your agency? Are you using all the features you should be? Do you have processes in place to get the most out of that investment? To provide a fantastic customer experience? To become more profitable? Catalyit helps with all of that.

Let’s dive into what tech agencies currently use and how they feel about it.

Tech Stack Survey and State of Tech Report

ACT Security Alert

Finance & Insurance is now the third most highly targeted sector for cyber crime in all industries.

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