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For the latest legislative updates from Evan Manning, Big I Illinois Director of Government Relations, visit CONNECT.

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Big I Illinois advocacy efforts are effective due to: 

  1. A strong presence in the State Capitol by our lobbyists

  2. Our members developing relationships and making contact with their local legislators.

  3. Effective use of State PAC funds to support candidates who support agents’ interests.

Lobbying is a key component to any successful organization, especially in Illinois. Interests opposed to some of our priorities spend millions of dollars each year on lobbying and political campaign contributions in an effort to attack the insurance industry and the small business owners we often sell to. Not only does our team lobby the legislature but we work closely with the Illinois Department of Insurance, constitutional offices and dozens of state agencies.

Much of the off session is used to research regulations and impending legislation as well as refining our goals, work with interested parties on legislative pursuits, and nurturing relationships with the elected body. Furthermore, our government relations team fields questions from membership on an on-going basis and seek resolutions to problems confronted by members.

Big I Illinois actively hosts regional legislative receptions where we invite local legislators and members to engage with one another as well as learn about legislation and regulations affecting our members. This is one of many ways to get involved in our grassroots campaign. No other single influence has as much impact on legislators as informed communications from concerned constituents at a critical point in the legislative process.

Make a commitment to yourself and your career. Become involved in the political process.

Tell Your Legislator to Vote No on HB 4611 – Protect Drivers from Higher Auto Insurance Costs

No one wants to pay more for insurance than they should. That is why the Big I Illinois is opposed to HB 4611, which will reduce a company’s ability to accurately predict risk.

Economic Impact Study 2024

Insurance Industry Has Major Impact on Illinois' Economy

Big I Illinois, along with our partner associations, have released the 2024 Insurance Industry Economic Impact Study.

  • Illinois Insurance Directly Employs Over 159,397 people

  • Illinois Collected over $608 Million from the Insurance Industry in 2022

  • Illinois Insurers Held $499 Billion in Bonds

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We are appreciative of the focus put forth by Big I Illinois and the resulting changes brought about by SB 1495, Public Adjuster Reforms. There are many factors at play driving insurance costs up, and this is certainly a step in the right direction in keeping insurance products affordable for consumers.

John Schwalen - West Bend Insurance Company
Jim Schwalen
Senior Vice President - Personal Lines and Marketing - West Bend Insurance Company

Federal Government Relations

Federal Issues are handled by Big I/IIABA where their government affairs teams work around the clock in Washington, D.C. and in state houses to protect your clients and your livelihood. Combine their expertise with the voice of independent agents - and a more than 2 million-dollar PAC - and they've got the power to protect your independence year-round. They will fight for you on flood insurance, health care, taxes, insurance regulation and more while you run your agency.

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